Frank A. Ruffolo
Jack Stenhouse
Beautiful women are dying in Fort Lauderdale from the bite of a black mamba, the deadliest snake in Africa. Then, during the feast of Saturnalia, a serial killer targets prostitutes during a cold winter in New York City.
Join Detective Jack Stenhouse, a seasoned professional with the Fort Lauderdale P.D., as he cruises the hot asphalt in his '68 Hemi Road Runner. Follow Jack with his girlfriend Didi, a woman with a name to match her attributes, as he moves to the Big Apple and joins the First Precinct as the new recruit on duty.
Learn how the Shadow of Death accompanies Jack like an albatross around his neck. Find out if the Saturnalian Affect will cloud his judgment.
Now enter the mysterious world of Jack Stenhouse. If you dare...
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