Frank A. Ruffolo
Gabriel's Chalice
It is the year 2028. Plagues, pestilence and vast global disasters suddenly erupt.
As spewing volcanos cover the Earth with a dense cloud of ash, God sends the Archangel Gabriel with an incredible message for mankind...
Dr. Raphael Matteo, a leading geologist with NASA, anxiously studies the signs and disasters fortold in Luke 21:11 of the New Testament. Accompany him as he encounters the Archangel Gabriel during a walk outside of Moon Base Challenger. Follow him to the Vatican and the White House as the Earth is faced with the threat of another ice age. Join with the CDC as plagues threaten life on Earth as we know it, while signs in the sky make their way over Jerusalem...a city that will shine like a sparkling diamond.

"I found the story to be captivating. Couldn't wait for the next chapter. I also found it to be very spiritually uplifting in every way. Ruffolo truly has a God-given gift - may he use it to glorify our Lord."
-Pasquale Cognetta, President of Our Loving Mother's Foundation,

"This book is set in the year 2028. Man has conquered the moon and is planning on mining the moon for ice to fuel deep space flight. This is a fantastic book that took me to the moon and back, and kept me hooked from the first page!
Dr. Raphael Matteo (Matt to his friends) is a geologist with NASA and is a wonderful character. He has to deal with some serious working conditions; he keeps a cool head, even when faced with a crisis. He is a wonderful and loving husband and father.
Gabriel's Chalice is told from many different characters' points of view which contributes to, in my opinion, one of the best science fiction disaster novels I have read. Although I am not overly religious, and this book is about a prophecy written in the bible, I found myself engrossed in the story. I loved the flow of the story, and I could "see" the scenes playing through my mind, just as if it was a movie or on television.
Frank Ruffolo has written a fantastic tale of biblical proportions that, although it contains references from the bible, is not preachy. However, there is a message of peace and goodwill to all mankind. I highly recommend this book if you love a great science fiction disaster novel that will leave you wanting more. I am now looking forward to reading other books by this author."
- Lynn Worton

"I am very lost in the magic with the clear sighted scope of your incredible writing and that does not happen much anymore; love this new author in my life..."
-Pamela Shoop
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